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Sunday 12th we welcome Bishop Mark as our celebrant and preacher

Dates for your Diary:

STOP PRESS: Songs of Praise is coming to Perth!

The ever-popular BBC One programme, Songs of Praise, is coming to St Ninian's Cathedral, Perth. The recordings will take place on the afternoons of Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th March.

The producer, Garry Boon, says: “These recordings give local singers a great opportunity to come together to enjoy two wonderful afternoons of music-making for broadcast on BBC One. For Christians in the area it’s the chance for a wonderful ecumenical expression of their faith.” The conductor will be Gordon Stewart, a professional organist of international renown, who has been one of the regular conductors on Songs of Praise for over 20 years. A native of Dundee, his first appointment as an organist was at Dundee Methodist Church at the age of 14. He subsequently worked in cathedral music for many years and has become one of the UK’s most popular organists.

Keen singers are invited to join a specially-formed massed choir under his direction who will lead the viewers at home in the singing. Admission will be by free ticket. Singers and those wishing to be in the congregation are welcome to attend one or both recordings. They can apply by going to the ‘Tickets’ page of the Songs of Praise website, by e-mailing songsofpraise@bbc.co.uk, or by telephoning 0161 335 8429. The deadline for all ticket applications is Tuesday 28th February.

The music recorded will be broadcast in future editions of the programme. Songs of Praise celebrated its fifty-fifth anniversary in October last year. Dave Stanford, executive producer, says: “The world has changed a lot in five and a half decades, but Songs of Praise has continued to thrive thanks to those who join together to raise their voices and inspire our audience week after week. I do hope lots of people in Perth and thereabouts will want to be part of this exciting event.” For further information please contact: Programmes.desk@bbc.co.uk


Friday 10th February 10.0 am - 4.0 pm
Sit & Stitch Day in the Church Hall
All aspects of stitching welcome. Be inspired and encouraged by the company and friendly chat. An opportunity to finish cross stitch kits or learn a new skill like patchwork or even take up a hem or two.
Tea and coffee on tap. Bring your own packed lunch. Please phone Lyn to book a table - 07890 902816. £5 a day

Sunday 12th February at 12.45 pm in the Church Hall
This stall sells Fairtrade tea, coffee, sweets, biscuits, sugar, pasta, cocoa and dates. All top quality items.

Sunday 12th February at 2.0 pm in the Church Hall
Congregational Meeting with the Bishop

Sunday 12th February at 5.30 pm in the St. Andrew' Cathedral, Inverness
Gaelic Service

Tuesday 14th February 2.0 - 4.0 pm in the Church Hall
Our befriending tea room will be open again. The usual team will be on hand to meet and greet. There is always an open invitation to any member of St John's congregation to come along for the afternoon.

Tuesday 28th February 10.30 - 2.0 pm in the Church Hall
Pancake Pandemonium

Freshly made Scotch Pancakes and French Crêpes topped or filled with delicious sweet or savoury fillings to eat in or take away and our usual home baking stall.

Future dates for 2017:

Book Sale
3rd and 4th March

Coffee Morning
18th March

Recent Events:

Befriending Afternoon

The second Tuesday of January saw the first of this year's get togethers over afternoon tea for Befriending Caithness. Once again our visitors were very complimentary about their afternoon tea. They reiterated how much they enjoyed coming to our church hall each month. The afternoon tea team took time, between pouring tea & coffee, to chat among themselves and do some forward planning about some possible different ideas to add interest to these afternoon occasions. So look out for future reports throughout this year.

Lyn Ball


Caithness Food Friends
is a new food sharing initiative, where volunteers cook and take a homemade meal to an elderly person within the local area, and over time create the opportunity to build a relationship.

CFF leaflet to download and/or print.
We are on facebook Caithness Food Friends.
See also Caithness Voluntary Group and recent article in local press

Caithness Food Friends Co-ordinator: Victoria Denley Spencer Tel: 01955 609968 or email Victoria

"If you have spare then you can share"



Rector's Letter

Dear People of Wick and Thurso,

Does it matter what we believe? How important, to take a rather topical example, is it to believe that Jesus Christ is God? What difference does it really make to our daily life? and should we be tolerant of allowing the expression of other views in our worship? (I can imagine the eyebrows of St Anselm disappearing into his tonsure in shock at the very question).

I quote from Dorothy L. Sayers, whom I have quoted before, but some time ago:

St Lukewarm was a magistrate in the city of Laodicea under Claudius (Emp. A.D. 41-54). He was so broadminded as to offer asylum and patronage to every kind of religious cult, however unorthodox or repulsive, saying in answer to all remonstrances: "There is always some truth in everything." This liberality earned for him the surname of "The Tolerator". At length he fell into the hands of a sect of Anthropophagi (for whom he had erected a sacred kitchen and cooking stove at the public expense), and was duly set on to stew with appropriate ceremonies.

By miraculous intervention, however, the water continually went off the boil; and when he was finally served up, his flesh was found to be so tough and tasteless that the Chief Anthropophagus spat out the unpalatable morsel, exclaiming: "Tolerator non tolerandus!" (A garbled Christian version of this legend is preserved in Revelation 3: 16.) St Lukewarm is the patron saint of railway caterers and is usually depicted holding a cooking pot.

For the benefit of those who never had the wonderful opportunity to learn Latin, the Chief Anthropophagus's exclamation could be rendered: "The Tolerator cannot be tolerated!"

For Dorothy L. Sayers (and indeed for Anselm, and me too), which beliefs we cannot tolerate and which we insist upon as essential have a very great impact upon how we live our daily lives. Have I recounted before this, my memory of a colleague in the University of Adelaide, who had returned from Thailand where he had been researching the Thai language as a possible computer language (this was in the distant days of the unfriendly and inflexible FORTRAN and its "Fatal Errors")? (He found that the Thai language was an ideal tool as a computer language, but the University refused to consider his Ph.D. work because there were no supervisors sufficiently fluent in Thai to judge its merit. How bizarre, and distressing for him.)

What had shocked him, and me, when he told me, was his memory of being on the street in Bangkok and witnessing a driver run over and kill a child in order to avoid hitting a cow. To add to his shock, no one else shared his distress. An example of a belief that he and I both shared, in the value of a human life as against that of an animal. Probably most of us would concur in this belief.

So it does matter what we believe, even if we seldom pause to reflect upon it. When we recite the Creed on Sundays and the Tuesdays that count as "Red Letter Days", it is surely with our heart as well as our head that we repeat the familiar words. If not, we risk becoming those for whom worship is an empty and joyless exercise of going through the motions, while our focus is on the lunch we are soon going to have, for example. To quote again from last month, words that made a great impact on me: "if we really were to allow Jesus to be what we say he is, firstly, we would be simply unable to wish to exclude him from any part of our lives, and then we couldn't keep quiet about the amazing love that we have found in him and now long to share with others."

So what do we believe about this compelling and unpredictable Jesus? Believe me, it affects who we are becoming more than we suppose.

With my love and prayers,

Revd Wendy.






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