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Daily Prayer


Regular Services: (but see also below)
11.30 am
Said Eucharist,
Communion from Reserved Sacrament or Service of the Word
Wednesdays (see Services)
10.30 am
Communion from Reserved Sacrament or Service of the Word

Additional services where possible on Holy Days, Church Feasts etc.


May Services:
11:30 am
Easter 5
10:30 am
Catherine of Siena,
Mystic & Teacher of the Faith, 1380
11:30 am
Easter 6
Ascension Day - Zoom only
11:30 am
Easter 7
11:30 am


11:30 am
Trinity Sunday













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SEC Daily Prayer - Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer and Night Prayer (Compline)

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All events discontinued until further notice.

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Church News:

Vestry Secretary's Report
(see also Update below)

Annual General Meeting

The date of the Annual General Meeting will be confirmed once Bishop Mark returns from retreat. The Vestry are considering whether this will be held over zoom or in the church building. Once confirmed, we will communicate this on the website, through email and by telephone.

Changes to Constitution

The Constitution for St Johns does not specifically make mention of the procedures for virtual meetings, and requires to be amended. Following a decision at Synod we also need to amend the age of constituent members from not less than eighteen years to not less than sixteen years. It makes sense to make both these changes at the same time.

All members of the congregation will be consulted on the changes by letter. We will then hold a Special Meeting to vote on the changes. We may be able to hold the Special Meeting at the same time as the AGM, depending on when this will be.

Church Re-opening

St John's re-opened for worship on Easter Sunday. During Rev Ellie's absence on compassionate leave we have been holding a Service of the Word each Sunday. We are allowed to open as we have carried out a risk assessment and put measures in place to keep everyone as safe as possible. Booking a place each week is essential so that we do not exceed the capacity of 17.

Smoke and Heat Alarms

The Scottish Government are introducing new regulations covering smoke and heat alarms in domestic buildings from February 2022. The alarms will need to be interlinked, so that an alarm activated in one part of the house will sound all other alarms. Information is available on their website . You may also be able to get guidance from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

Jeanette Harper
Vestry Secretary

Update from Vestry Secretary

Advisory Group Update: The Advisory Group have advised that the cap on numbers for communal worship will be increasing, but this depends on the capacity of the building. We will remain at 17 capacity for St John's.

Constitution: Bishop Mark has given me the go-ahead to consult the congregation on changes to the constitution. I will be preparing letters to be sent out to everyone in the next week or so. The proposed changes are to reduce the constituent member age to 16 (note there is no upper limit!) and to consult on the procedures for virtual meetings.

AGM: Bishop Mark has confirmed that the AGM will not take place in May. It is hoped that restrictions will have eased enough by June for a face to face meeting to take place. I will prepare the various forms so that we are ready to go once the date is confirmed.



Lay Reader's Article

Caithness Street Pastors

The story of Street Pastors in Caithness is probably older than most people believe since the germ of the idea and need for Street Pastors in Caithness, focused probably on Thurso and Wick, but not exclusively, has been about for some years. The reason I say it is older than two years ago when I got involved is that a number of church leaders were already thinking and sounding out the local authority and local constabulary some years before any involvement from me. So when I arrived back in Caithness after a 20year absence in Aberdeen I soon found willing ears although I have to say with some were sceptical. Whilst I had been in Aberdeen I had served as a Street Pastor for 7+ years and was really wanting to keep up my training and had contacted the Inverness Street Pastors group. During that conversation I felt I was being guided to see if indeed there was a need for Street Pastors in Caithness. Fortunately for me Rev Ellie Charman was a Street Pastor when she was in Inverness and was totally behind the idea of starting a Street Pastor group in Caithness. It then left me to contact all the leaders of the Caithness churches, the Local Authority and Police to assess the need; obviously without a need being driven from the community a Street Pastor group would not get off the ground.

Early in November 2019 the first meeting of interested parties was held which was followed by further meetings in late November both in Wick and Thurso when there was ample opportunity to discover why it was felt the need existed to start up a Caithness Street Pastor group.

The motive for having Street pastors is to be a visible church presence on the streets ready to 'just be there' Caring, Listening, Helping - NOT to try and preach or convince people to become Christians but to help anyone in need in a totally no-judgemental way; in fact unless asked specifically those I met in Aberdeen would have been aware of my faith. We were on track up to March 2020 when the Coronavirus Pandemic was declared; we had a small number of volunteers who wanted to become trained as Street Pastors and we had been successful in gaining some funding through 'Your Cash Your Caithness' and even organised the initial training modules. In total there are 12 days of training spread over some weeks that volunteers need to complete before being allowed to patrol the streets. Training is centrally monitored by the Ascension Trust to ensure quality standards are maintained and are transferable if someone relocates to another part of the UK.

Currently training is on hold as we wait for the restrictions that COVID-19 have brought. There is still sometime before we can be out on the streets but it is clear from the issues that the Pandemic has brought about it would be beneficial for Street Pastors being a visible presence to get alongside people of all ages.

My aim is to restart the process of seeking for more volunteers, getting training completed which may take 3 or even 4 months and then start going out on the streets.

Our motto is Caring, Listening, Helping and you can find out more at www.streetpastors.org or contact Alan Finch the local coordinator.

Alan Finch





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