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Daily Prayer


Regular Services: (but see also below)
11.30 am
Sung Eucharist,
Communion from Reserved Sacrament or Morning Prayer
First Wednesday each month
10.30 am
Communion from Reserved Sacrament

Additional services where possible on Holy Days, Church Feasts etc.


February Services:
11:30 am
Presentation of the Lord
10:30 am
Paul Miki, Priest,
and the Martyrs of Japan
11:30 am
Sunday next before Lent
11:30 am
Lent 1 and Imposition of Ashes
3:30 pm
Evening Prayer
11:30 am
Lent 2

On Sunday 18th we welcome the Revd. David Balfour as our celebrant and preacher

On Sunday 25th we welcome the Most Revd. Mark Strange as our celebrant and preacher

Bishop's Lent Appeal


Dates for your Diary:

See also calendar for the year


Fridays 9th and 16th February 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sit & Stitch Day in the Church Hall
All aspects of stitching welcome. Be inspired and encouraged by the company and friendly chat. An opportunity to finish cross stitch kits or learn a new skill like patchwork or even take up a hem or two. Tea and coffee on tap. Bring your own packed lunch. Please phone Lyn to book a table - 07890 902816. 5 a day

Sunday 11th February at 12:45 pm in the Church Hall
This stall sells Fairtrade tea, coffee, sweets, biscuits, sugar, pasta, cocoa and dates. All top quality items.

Tuesday 13th February from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm in the Church Hall
Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Day

This year's period of Lent is fast approaching and before this begins on Ash Wednesday the Shrove Tuesday fundraising team will be back in action and looking forward to a flipping good time. All the usual delights will be on sale. Be sure you get there in plenty of time for the ever popular smoked haddock & cheese sauce filled French crepes. Full details on accompanying poster.

Lyn Ball

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Friday 16th February at 3:00 pm at 11 Lyndsay Place and weekly thereafter throughout Lent
Lent Course

Tuesday 20th February 2:00 - 4:00 pm in the Church Hall (Please note date)
Our Befriending tea room will be open again. INNER TUBA will be the guest of Befriending Caithness at our monthly tearoom. Jon Hodgkin combines travel by tricycle & giving musical performances on his tuba. He will give a concert here in the church at 2pm followed by the usual afternoon tea in the hall. Members of the congregation are warmly invited to come along & enjoy the concert & tea afterwards.

Friday and Saturday, 2nd and 3rd March, 10 am till 2 pm in the Church Hall
Bargain Book Sale

Our books are all in great condition: factual works, Novels, and children's books, and at low, low prices because they are all donated to us. We will also have CDs and DVDs at bargain prices, and possibly gramophone records as well. You won't get a better bargain anywhere.

All the income goes to church projects, so you are not just getting a great deal, but the church gets a great deal more. One of our major projects is a toilet for the church, and that costs a lot these days.

Gordon Johnson

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Future events for 2018

Book Sales:
2nd and 3rd March
22nd and 23rd June
7th and 8th September
2nd and 3rd November

Coffee Mornings:
24th March
26th May
28th July
29th September
24th November

Creative Felting Workshop
16th March


Recent Events:




Priest's Letter

from the Revd. Dr. James Currall of Scottish Episcopal Church - Dornoch, Tain & Lairg


Walking Together


A number of things have happened recently which have caused me to reflect on community and what it means. Hitherto, I have tended to think of community as something relatively fixed, with a slow rate of change, but Consider what happens when something unexpected or life-changing happens. Suppose someone is rushed to hospital or dies unexpectedly; in both cases a spontaneous community forms. A community that involves family and friends who although they already have relationships with each other, gather in support of those directly affected and each other. But there is more to it than that.

A member of my family was rushed to hospital on New Years day and as members of his family we gathered, both physically and virtually, to support him and each other in the changed circumstances of his life. As a result I spent last week visiting the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital each day for a few hours; and what struck me, was not just the community around each bed, but the community of friends and relatives of all those in the ward. People who hitherto didn't know each other, but who took the time to care for each other, a community of the concerned relatives and friends who were brought together spontaneously by what had happened to their nearest and dearest. It doesn't stop there. This gathered community extended to all those in the care teams at the hospital, who took the time to care for the relatives and friends as well as those in the beds. We all interacted in many and varied ways, pooling our knowledge and resources. It wasn't organised, there was no-one leading it, a collection of one-to-one ministries - people being there for one another, walking together.

When anything unexpected happens it can be very difficult to deal with, but when someone who is close to you dies unexpectedly, it is particularly challenging. At times like that, having a community of family, friends and possibly even strangers, gather to provide mutual support is a particular blessing. No-one can fully understand what someone who is bereaved is going through. Bereavement is different for everybody involved each time it occurs, but a community of unconditional mutual support is hugely important, even if that support is more about providing space for grieving than anything else; providing a ministry of presence - people being there for one another, walking together.

Being there for one another, walking together - that for me sums up both community and ministry. The ministry to which we are all called by virtue of being followers of Christ. As Paul wrote in his letter to the Galatians: "Bear one another's burdens, and in this way you will fulfil the law of Christ." (Gal 6:2) However if you want a longer version, then you can do no better than to turn my favourite spiritual writer, Henri Nouwen, who wrote in 1983:

"More and more, the desire grows in me simply to walk around, greet people, enter their homes, sit on their doorsteps, play ball, throw water, and be known as someone who wants to live with them. It is a privilege to have the time to practice this simple ministry of presence. Still, it is not as simple as it seems. My own desire might be to be useful, to do something significant, or to be part of some impressive project. But I wonder more and more if the first thing shouldn't be to know people by name, to eat and drink with them, to listen to their stories and tell your own, and to let them know with words, handshakes, and hugs that you do not simply like them, but truly love them." (from: Gracias! a Latin American Journal by Henri Nouwen)

Now you don't need any special training to do that, being human is more than enough.







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