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Communion from Reserved Sacrament or Service of the Word

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11:30 am
Third Sunday of Easter
10:30 am
Thomas Rattray, Bishop, 1743
11:30 am
Fourth Sunday of Easter
11:30 am

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11:30 am
Sixth Sunday of Easter
10:30 am
Ascension Day
11:30 am
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Scottish Episcopal Institute Lent Course:
Monday 7 March: What is Christian ethics?
Monday 14 March: Why should I choose good over evil?
Monday 11 April: How do I tell good from evil?
Monday 18 April: What is conscience?
Monday 25 April: Why follow conscience?
Monday 2nd May: Where do I go with Christian ethics?


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For sale in aid of church funds

Our fundraising Tea Towel makes an ideal gift for many occasions. Priced 6.50 it is excellent value for such a quality item. So any time you need a gift please think 'Church Tea Towel'. Tea Towels can be gift wrapped & posted direct, saving you any hassle. Purchasing our tea towel contributes towards the running cost of St John's, particularly at this time of reduced income.

To place your order please phone Lyn on 07890 902816 or 01955 611339 or contact Brenda via email. Delivery or collection will be arranged.

Lyn Ball


Church News:

Bishop's Charge to March Synod


Open Wednesdays

If you have been passing St. John's Scottish Episcopal church, Wick, on the corner of Moray Street and Francis Street, in recent weeks you may have noticed building work extending from the church southwards. This is a church toilet extension; a facility which the church has always lacked; the nearest toilet was in the church hall along Moray Street.

The long-planned extension was expensive to build, so it took several years to raise the funds for it. Finishing touches still remain to be done, but it is now functional, although the official opening ceremony will not occur until 18th June, to coincide with the 152nd anniversary of the church.

With the relaxation of Covid restrictions, the church will be open for locals and tourists to come and view the building, every Wednesday, 12 noon until 3 p.m., between May and a date in September. A member of the congregation will be present to welcome you and answer your questions, but you are free to have a look around by yourself, and sit for a moment of quiet contemplation if you would like.

A small selection of high quality general books will be available for sale within the church in aid of church funds, because part of the extension funding was by a loan which has to be repaid. There may be some locally-laid eggs on sale as well.

Gordon Johnson


Vestry Secretary's Report

Toilet Project

The interior of the extension is nearing completion. A site visit by a wheelchair user took place, to ensure that everything was easy to reach and accessible. The baby changing mat and some additional grab rails are yet to be installed. We have paid the third instalment to the contractor, of 27,040. An interim payment to the architect of 3,000 has also been paid this month. A claim has been submitted to the National Churches Trust to access the 10,000 pledge. We are on course for the project to be delivered on budget.

Tree Surgeon

You will remember from the April edition of Outlook that one of the mature sycamore trees in the church grounds had to be felled as it had become unsafe. The Vestry have employed a tree surgeon to assess the remaining trees and remove any branches as necessary.

Book Sale

The book sale at the start of April was well supported. A total of 241 was raised over the two days. Considering you could buy four fiction books for a pound, that's a lot of books!

PVG Coordinator

The position of PVG Coordinator is currently vacant in both Thurso and Wick. The Bishop has indicated that one person could cover for both charges. Full training is available to anyone interested in taking this on, supported by the Diocesan Safeguarding Officer. Please contact either Vestry Secretary to find out more about what is involved.

Easing of Restrictions

The legal requirement to wear a face mask has been removed. The Advisory Group recommends that there is a continuing emphasis on hand hygiene, adequate ventilation and regular cleaning. Arrangements for administering the Common Cup are under consideration.

Vestry Meeting

To take advantage of Bishop Mark being in Wick on 24 April 2022, the Vestry met in the church after the morning service to discuss two topics: the arrangements for the 152nd anniversary, and the replacement of pews with chairs.

1. 152nd Anniversary

The date of Saturday 18 June 2022 had been fixed. The Bishop noted that the service would begin at 12 noon, and would be a Eucharistic service plus dedication. He would put together a commemorative Order of Service using the Appleford setting. A buffet lunch in the church grounds, weather permitting, would follow.

Neil mentioned that he had a gazebo which could be used. He had been in touch with the Scouts organisation, who would loan a tea tent. He had instructed Alec Patterson to repaint the front door.

There was a discussion on the proposed invitation list, to include: a representative from the public bodies that had funded the toilet project, Norbloc, Neil McDonald, the local councillor, the clergy of the diocese, past incumbents of St John's, a representative from Wick Choral Society and Befriending Caithness, Father Colin Davies, the Thurso Vestry and the Handbell Ringers. Those invited would need to RSVP so that numbers were known for the catering.

Lyn was researching which hymns had been used at the original dedication service.

The Bishop suggested that the church should be open in the week following the anniversary, as visitors may wish to view the new facilities. The church would be open each Wednesday from 12 noon to 3pm, beginning in May.

2. Church Chairs

All members of the congregation had been consulted on the replacement of the remaining church pews with chairs. Fifteen had responded in favour of the proposal, with two against. It was anticipated that the back two pews would be retained, and that some chairs would be provided with arms. The Bishop agreed that a Canon 35 application could now be made to the Dean, which would be discussed by the Diocesan Building Committee.

Jeanette Harper
Vestry Secretary


Toilet Fund Sponsors


New Toilet



Work on the exterior of the toilet and alterations to the church access is now complete and the focus has moved to fitting out internally.

There has been a procession of joiners, plasterers, plumbers, electricians and painters over the last few weeks and work is now almost complete with only a few minor items outstanding.

It is looking really good inside with more space than we dared to hope for. All should be ready for our 150th celebrations in June.

Neil Thompson



As we are nearing the completion of our extension housing accessible toilet thoughts are turning to tidying up the ground around the church. I think everyone will agree we want this to look neat and tidy, but with an emphasis on low and easy maintenance. In the area of the pray circle there are several plots vacant that would benefit from long term plants such as roses. Anyone wishing to have a rose planted please chat to Lyn Ball about this.


Monthly Letter

Pastoral letter

The weather although it has been cool is improving as we move into Spring - flowers and fruit and vegetables are showing signs of life. And these fruit and vegetables comes in a huge range of shapes, sizes and varieties.

As followers of Christ, we know that in each of our lives, the fruit of the Spirit are to be displayed. They are to be in our life. Each one of us is a unique, special person. There is no one, not one other person quite the same as another. So, these fruits are in each of our lives differently, but there really are these fruits - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

'Ordinary' fruit come in all shapes and sizes and some fruit appear misshapen and look a bit wonky. But the wonky fruit tastes just as sweet, just as delicious as the ordinary fruit.

We may say things or privately think things which suggest that we think our life is wonky. So what! Our life can release the Fruit of the Spirit, and meeting us can bring sweetness into the lives of those around you. And believe it or not, other people can encounter Christ when meeting you. Delicious!

However wonky we think our life has been or still is, we too are indispensable to Christ. (A Reflection having read 1 Corinthians 12)

Roger Bamfield




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