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Friday 5th March World Day of Prayer Scotland

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All events discontinued until further notice.

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Vestry Secretary's Report

Advance Notice of Annual General Meeting

The AGM has been set for Sunday 18th April 2021. The accounts have been sent to the Bishop for signature.

Toilet Project

As reported in the last Outlook, applications for funding have been made and decisions are awaited from the Highland Coastal Communities Fund and the National Churches Trust. LandTrust have acknowledged our pre-proposal and we await further information from them. We are also making an application to the All Churches Trust. I have approached the Beatrice Wind Farm to see if they would accept an application from us - they do not support projects which promote religion, but did fund the Canisbay Church refurbishment as a tourist attraction. A response is awaited. The planning permission expires at the end of June 2020. Due to the impact of COVID, current permissions are being automatically extended by 6 months. We expect this will apply to our permission, but will keep an eye on this as we move closer to the date.

Events in March

The World Day of Prayer is being hosted by St Fergus Church on Friday 6th March. We don't have exact details yet, but this will presumably be by zoom. Richard has a supply of the booklets. If you would like to receive one either by post or by email, please let him know. Mothering Sunday is celebrated on Sunday 14th March. British Summer Time begins on Sunday 28th March, so remember to put your clocks forward by one hour on Saturday night. Christian Aid are celebrating their 75th anniversary. You can read about their work and current projects at christianaid.org.uk.

A Lenten Walk

With the Ash Wednesday resources we were encouraged to take a walk. An intrepid duo set off up Newton Hill, then turned down past the Charity Farm. Heading back into Wick we veered off onto the March Road and out to the Castle of Old Wick. After a quick look round the promontory and a marvel at the thickness of the castle walls, we headed along beside the old firing range. The ground became very squelchy here so we slipped and plootered along to the next bit of path at the Trinkie. The waves were battering the headland so we were glad to climb down the steps at the old Coastguard house into the disused quarry. The path was upgraded here in 2004, with standing stones and engraved structures to guide the way.

Heading along to the old lifeboat shed, we viewed the remains of Stevenson's doomed breakwater, where birds were enjoying a bonanza of drying seaweed, and a seal popped up for a nosey look. We finished the walk up through the town and home.

I hope that you have been able to get out, feel the sun on your face and the wind on your back, and know that God holds us in the palm of his hand.

Jeanette Harper
Vestry Secretary


Curate's Letter

Dear All,

There and back again.

I wonder if you feel, as I do, that there are certain repetitive scenarios that we find ourselves going through over and over. Recently, I felt that I was going through some version of Groundhog Day, where, like the character played by Bill Murray, I was ever more wearied by what appeared to be the same events apparently going through endless repetition.

I wonder too if I have used the same title for my curate's letter. Wondering too, whether it matters. Wondering, hoping, praying that Lockdown will begin easing yet fearful of cases of Covid rising again. A cycle of repetition that has stretched most if not all of us in one way or another. A time of waiting, of 'digging in deep into the resources that God gives us' in order that we can carry on.

Then of course, there is the hope that things can go back to normal. I have written elsewhere in previous letters of asking oneself what is normal, and what is the new normal? The various demands of Lockdowns 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 (and however many versions you might care about) have brought new adjustments into our lives. I doubt we could go back to what we thought of 'as normal' ever again. Perhaps that fills you with dismay. Perhaps it fills you with trepidation or even joy.

Over the past year we have been pulled out of our comfort zones in a way that none of us could ever have dreamed. So much so that the saying 'We've never done it that way before,' is now obsolete.

So much of this journey is, I believe, reflected in our Lenten journey to Easter. Jesus, throughout his ministry showed us new and radical ways of living and being. Much in line with what we have tried to do with online church, postal services, provision of candles and so on. Activities that have brought some people closer to the church than they have been for a long time. Sure, this new way of being and doing is not for everyone and I am not going to hark on about it. Except to say that for those who feel a part of this new venture, we could never go back to simply doing church in one way and only one way.

Could the year that has passed be likened to a wilderness? One like the Israelites endured (40 years)? Or the one Noah and his family had (150 days). When the waters subsided, Noah and his family faced a world that had been destroyed by flood waters. Perhaps that past year has been a test of mental resolve or has contained moments of pure joy where a number of achievements were accomplished.

So, like the book that Bilbo Baggins began to write, has this journey through tiers and lockdowns really been about having endured something for a year, only to return to 'the way things were'? Or is it to look ahead and resolve oneself to only move forward without looking back? We don't move in a static circle, even though we may feel there are certain repetitions we could do without. We are for ever moving forward (not just through time). Part of that process is the invite from Jesus, to walk with Him. As we approach Good Friday and then Easter, we are invited to remind ourselves of what Jesus went through, on our behalf.

Let us remind ourselves of God's promises, his faithfulness, and his ability to journey with us through thick and thin. Let us reflect on God and his purposes for humankind as we journey through Lent. Let us enjoy the present moment, finding God in the here and now, while knowing that one day we will be able to meet and greet each other in the church buildings. That one day, we will be able to sing together, singing God's praises. Knowing that what we are experiencing, and this Lenten journey, is not about returning to what was normal but being brought into a new way of living, and being, that is with the risen Christ at the centre of all we do.






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