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Regular Services: (but see also below)
11.30 am
Said Eucharist,
Communion from Reserved Sacrament or Service of the Word
Wednesdays (see Services)
10.30 am
Communion from Reserved Sacrament or Service of the Word

Additional services where possible on Holy Days, Church Feasts etc.



September Services:
10:30 am
The Beheading of John the Baptist
11:30 am
Pentecost 15
11:30 am

Pentecost 16

11:30 am
Pentecost 17
11:30 am
Pentecost 18










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SEC Daily Prayer - Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer and Night Prayer (Compline)

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Coronavirus updates and resources (updated 25 August 2021)

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All events discontinued until further notice.

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None planned

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None planned

For sale in aid of church funds

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Lyn Ball

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Church News:


Bishop Mark is delighted to invite you to join him on Sunday 26th September at 18.30 as he conducts a Service of Choral Evensong where he will be licensing various clergy into the new clergy team within Inverness.

All charges and clergy are most welcome, please RSVP to the link on the invitation.



Message from the Editor - Outlook will be restarting with effect from October

Any contributions for Outlook are very welcome but please ensure copyright is not infringed viz

Priest-in-Charge: The Most Revd Bishop Mark
Vestry Secretaries: Mrs Jeanette Harper (St John's, Wick) email
Mrs Anne Machell (St Peter's, Thurso) email

Editor of Outlook: Richard Stanley
Please submit any items via email to Richard Stanley
or as paper copy to 11 Lindsay Place, WICK, KW1 4PF or the vestry secretaries' addresses above.

The normal dead-line for each issue is 5pm on the Monday before the last Sunday of the previous month; so,
the deadline for October 2021 is 5pm on Monday 20th September 2021. Please submit material as early as possible. Late items will not be included.


Vestry Secretary's Report

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 21st November 2021, to follow the morning service. It will be a "double" AGM to cover the past two financial years. The meeting will be held in the church hall.

Toilet Project

We were not successful in our application to the Adapt and Thrive Programme. The National Churches Trust are to give their decision in the next couple of weeks.

Vestry Meeting

The Vestry met on 2nd August 2021 in the church hall. The meeting was chaired by Bishop Mark and nine members were present. A summary of the topics discussed is shown below.

- The minutes of the meeting held on 8 December 2020 were approved.

- Date of AGM: The Bishop advised that a "double" AGM should be held at the end of November. The annual accounts for year ending September 2020 had been prepared, signed off and circulated to Vestry members prior to the meeting.

- Priest's Report: The Bishop noted that Ellie's curacy was complete, and she would be moving to a new post in Inverness from September. He thanked the congregation for helping Ellie over the past three years. There would not be a Priest in Caithness for the foreseeable future. The Bishop committed to having a Priest attend at least once a month to consecrate the elements. He would remove the regulations on reserved sacrament so it could be used for more than two weeks. He would be meeting with the Lay Readers and would relicence Barrie Cran. The parsonage would be sold as it was too small for purpose, and alternative premises would be sought in Caithness.

- Treasurer's Report: Pat had circulated the final annual accounts for year ending September 2020 prior to the meeting. She had prepared figures showing income and expenditure for the period October 2020 to end of June 2021. The current bank balance was 16,137. She thanked everyone for their regular giving during the pandemic, which meant that routine expenditure had been met. She thanked Jeanette and Neil for preparing the church, and those conducting the services. Quota was now due for payment.

- Toilet Project Update: The updated estimate had increased to 87,963. The current shortfall was around 22,500. Funding decisions were awaited from the National Churches Trust and the Adapt and Thrive Programme. Planning permission had been extended to 31 March 2022. The building warrant approval had been granted. The water authority had approved the project, which could now be pursued with Business Stream. The neighbour had granted permission for a connection to be made into the public sewer on their land. Fairhurst Engineering had been instructed to carry out the structural survey.

- Church Open Wednesdays: Richard asked if the church could be opened to visitors, as in previous years. The Bishop advised that if volunteers could be kept safe, and the stacked chairs sorted out, the church could be opened. Rules would need to be clearly set out for visitors to follow.

- Choral in Church: The Choral Society had enquired whether the church could be used for rehearsals, rather than the hall, as there was more space. They would need to maintain the 1m distancing and sing with masks on. Neil thought that with some re-arranging of pews and seats this could be accommodated. Lyn noted that the Handbell Ringers had used the church at 2m distancing. Jeanette would respond to the Choral Society.

- Railing Display / Vandalism: The display created for Pride Month had been vandalised by removing the rainbow painted heart on a couple of occasions. Richard suggested future displays could be within the grounds, but this would be harder to see from the road. The Bishop noted that there had been press coverage of the display, and the point had now been made of our inclusivity. He also noted that the railings were fragile and part of the building listing. He suggested that Vestry discretion be used on positioning of future displays.

- Junior Organist: Lyn sought permission from the Bishop to encourage a junior organist to play at services. This was granted.

- 150th Anniversary: The Bishop hoped this could be celebrated in the Spring of 2022 when more restrictions were lifted. There could even be a new accessible toilet and entrance to launch.

- Date of Next Meeting: To be arranged in liaison with the Bishop's PA.

Jeanette Harper
Vestry Secretary


Priest's Letter

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