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Daily Prayer


Regular Services: (but see also below)
11.30 am
Said Eucharist,
or Service of the Word
Wednesdays (see Services)
10.30 am
Communion from Reserved Sacrament or Service of the Word

Additional services where possible on Holy Days, Church Feasts etc.



January Services:
11:30 am
The Epiphany of the Lord
Seraphim of Sarov, 1833
Online SEC Provincial Sunday services
11:00 am
Baptism of the Lord

Epiphany 2

Epiphany 3
Presentation of the Lord (Candlemas)










Services cancelled until further notice - see

Pastoral letter from the College of Bishops


Online worship from the SEC - still available on Sunday mornings at 11 am

See also complete list from start of lockdown

Daily Prayer - Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer and Night Prayer (Compline)




Scottish Christians asked to join in prayer every Sunday at 7pm

Coronavirus updates and resources - Updated 20 November


Dates for your Diary:


See hall calendar for the year - hoping it may one day be of use if only for future planning.


All events discontinued until further notice.

Other events for 2021

Book Sales:
None planned

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None planned

See also Love North - Worship & Connect

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Update - Church services cancelled until further notice

Vestry Secretary's Report

Church Attendance
Please remember to book your place each week (contact Jeanette via this website ), so we can ensure there are enough seats. The guidelines ask that you:

Wear a mask
Sanitise your hands in the porch
Keep a two metre distance from other persons
Provide your name and telephone number
Sit where directed

In the event that the Government guidance changes, the Vestry will adapt the services as necessary. If you do not feel comfortable attending a service at the present time, the alternative arrangements for online and postal worship will continue for as long as they are needed.

Thank you.

Jeanette Harper
Vestry Secretary


Curate's Letter

Dear All,

A Glimmer of Hope

I am reminded of my first Christmas sermon where I wrote that Advent had provided us with a roller coaster of a ride. However, it is not just been Advent that has given us that experience - it is everything from March onwards - and it continues.

Throughout this time, the Church has continued on its solid foundations - that which is built on God and the love of Christ. We have scratched our heads as the Ministry team in Caithness have sought to deliver services to you in ways that we would never have dreamt of. We have adjusted and learned to adapt to the new set of circumstances we find ourselves in.

We have learned, more than ever, to look outwards at what God is doing in our society and how we might help. We have learned to dig deep within ourselves for wells of resilience and persevere with the restrictions placed on us in society.

We have learned too who we can really trust, and watched, sometimes in horror at the behaviour experienced or seen in our culture in lockdown. We have learned to pray in different ways. On our own, perhaps, or on walks. Perhaps, now, we have a greater appreciation and respect for those unable to come to church and whose faith is still strong.

A glimmer of hope - on the horizon, or is it tangibly close? I'm not going to write about the vaccine, which may also be tangibly close to us, but to remember a babe, born out of wedlock, weak and vulnerable. Jesus is the epitome of all that society abhors. Through this we are invited to become child-like in our understanding, fully accepting of the grace that is on offer today. To those who receive him, who believe on his name, he gives the power to become children of God.

Though we may recoil from the thought of ever being child-like again, this is about trust. It's about love. Understanding the love of a parent for their child, or the complete trust that a dog has for its owner. We are offered the chance to become children of God. Human, yet also of God. That is a truly humbling mystery of God, full of grace. We are given the choice to accept the invitation offered to allow God to dwell within. To open ourselves, our houses, if you will, to the birth of Jesus Christ within. The glimmer of hope? It is so close…

As we celebrate the age-old anniversary of Christ's birth into our human world, we are invited to ponder on what God means to us. With all our usual Christmas delights stripped away, what does Christmas mean to us? A glimmer of hope that is there for you and me.

Our quest is to make Jesus known, but we can only ever make him known if we are keen to get to know him ourselves. A quest that exists in the outward and visible Nativity scenes in creation at both Episcopal churches in Caithness. A quest that is as old as the oldest story you've ever known. A quest that takes us and continues to take us on a real roller coaster ride, with highs and lows as we experience hope, peace, joy and love.






Services and Events
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