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Daily Prayer


Regular Services: (but see also below)
11.30 am
Sung Eucharist,
Communion from Reserved Sacrament or Morning Prayer
Wednesdays (see Services)
10.30 am
Said Eucharist or
Communion from Reserved Sacrament

Additional services where possible on Holy Days, Church Feasts etc.


February Services:
11:30 am

Presentation of Christ - Candlemas

10:30 am
Scholastica, Religious
11:30 am

Epiphany 5

11:30 am
10:30 am

Martin Luther

11:30 am



On Sunday 3rd February we welcome the Revd. Simon Scott as our celebrant and preacher.

On Sunday 10th February we welcome the Most Revd. Mark Strange as our celebrant and preacher.

Dates for your Diary:

See also hall calendar for the year


Sunday 3rd - Vestry meeting after the service

Sunday 10th in the Church Hall
This stall sells Fairtrade tea, coffee, sweets, biscuits, sugar, pasta, cocoa and dates. All top quality items.

Tuesday 12th 2:0 - 4:0 pm in the Church Hall
Our Befriending tea room will be open again. The usual team will be on hand to meet and greet. There is always an open invitation to any member of St John's congregation to come along for the afternoon.


Saturday 16th February 11:00 am - 2:00 pm in the Church Hall
Pancake Day
Our very popular event is happening early this year. The usual team will be in action flipping Scotch pancakes and French Crepes and serving up a warm welcome with tasty delights. Favourite toppings & fillings will adorn the freshly made pancakes and crepes.

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Friday 22nd 10:0 am - 4:0 pm
Sit'n Stitch Day in the Church Hall
All aspects of stitching welcome. Be inspired and encouraged by the company and friendly chat. An opportunity to finish cross stitch kits or learn a new skill like patchwork or even take up a hem or two. Tea and coffee on tap. Bring your own packed lunch. Please phone Lyn to book a table - 07890 902816. 5 a day.

Saturday 23rd 10:00 am - 3:00 pm in the Church Hall
Crochet Along
We meet on the third Saturday of most months. Beginners and more experienced crocheters most welcome. We get together to exchange ideas and discuss what's trending in the world of crochet. We share patterns & skills to encourage the art of crochet. The day runs from 10am-4pm but if you can only manage a morning or afternoon that's fine. 5 regardless of how long you stay. Complementary coffee & tea. Bring a packed lunch if staying for the day. Sharing time together is a great way to make new friends, learn or improve a skill and keep alive a technique of handicraft. To confirm dates or other information get in touch with Lyn on 07890 902816.

Other events for 2019

Book Sales:
12th and 13th April
14th and 15th June
6th and 7th September

Coffee Mornings:
16th March
25th May
14th September
30th November

Sit'n Stitch and Crochet Along:
Monthly - see dates above and hall calendar

1st March 2pm World Day of Prayer at St. Joachim's, Wick

2nd March - Diocesan Synod in Inverness

21st July - 27th July 2019 at Glenalmond College, Perthshire
GLEN '19 - Stories and Songs

1st September at 3pm
Evensong to celebrate 150 years of worship at Inverness Cathedral

28th September - Regional Synod, venue t.b.a.

See also Love North


Recent Events

Sit'n Stitch and Crochet Along

Needlecrafts started up again in January. The well-established Sit 'n Stitch recommenced on the 18th and the almost soporific murmur of sewing machine could once again be heard in the church hall. New projects were started and other leftover from last year were finished. Everyone agreed it was great to get together again and catch up with each other. The following day saw the launch of a new event - a Crochet Along. This follows on from our most successful two day Crochet/Knitting Fest last October. The enthusiasm of last year's volunteer crafters rubbed off and the result is this new monthly crochet day.

Most of those who came along came with the experience of making a crocheted poppy last year. They were uncertain as to what they would be making this time, but in a very short time it was pretty unanimous that tartan crocheted blankets were the most popular. Blankets made by tutor Patsy MacAskill can be seen along with other photos of students receiving experienced instructions from Patsy and Elly Dunbar our other tutor. One or two other learners, including myself, were concentrating on crocheting wearables. This is Elly's area of expertise. At moments during the day there was complete silence in the hall as in our heads we repeated to ourselves 'yarn over, pull through', but at other times there was animated chat about colours of wool, yarn cakes, different makes and sizes of skeins, sizes of hooks to use, which tartan design to choose and anyone for another cup of coffee? Everyone agreed how much they enjoyed their day and asked what was the date of next month's Crochet Along?

Lyn Ball



For sale in aid of church funds

Beautiful quality teatowels - only £6.50, individually wrapped. Proceeds to church funds.

Available in church (after a service) or contact Lyn on 07890 902816 or Brenda at stjohnswick@btinternet.com . Delivery or collection will be arranged.

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Priest's Letter


A few days ago I had the wonderful experience of being given the tour of Freswick Castle. For me it was an incredibly moving experience. Standing looking out across the sea, there was, for me, a real sense of the 'Spirit hovering over the face of the waters'. The solitude of the surrounding spoke of the quiet places to which people have often retreated to hear the 'still, small voice' with just a little more clarity.

Within the Castle itself, the undercroft with its atmospheric Viking hall and the small, intimate and spiritually enveloping chapel invited the soul to touch real presence, both of those gathered there but also the subtle more, the God who is both immanent within us and all the creation and transcendent, beyond any finite appearance.

What should have been a two-hour meeting with Murray Watts became over four hours of being gathered in presence. It had a profound and inspirational effect upon me. Inevitably, the decision was taken between us all to resume the sacramental services at the Castle, real presence in community been revealed through real presence in sacrament.

That time has caused me to reflect further on what we, as a worshipping community, are called to be. Why do we gather? It is easy to give the glib, constructed theological answers of the professionals but they have never really satisfied me. Not deep down, and it is the "Deep down things" that Gerald Manley Hopkins spoke about that truly take us to the point of why we open lips and say "Peace be with you".

There's never any one reason, of course. Truth is when we come together in church a number of motives are usually at play. It may be the social element. It may be the familiarity and consolation of the liturgy. It may be the sense of encounter with God. It may be because it's what I've always done and why wouldn't I? It may be because, here, here, I feel safe. It could be, etc., etc. For most it will be one or more.

But I think, undergirding it all, there is a pull, however gentle, to seek our deepest foundation, a return to home, like a swallow flying the myriad miles to its unforgotten space. That 'deep down thing' which we loosely term our soul is seeking its sanctuary, its rest - "Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in thee." (St. Augustine). We may take many years to see that restlessness for what it is.

That is why I believe that (horrid) word, "Mission", has little to do with statistics, with backsides on pews. At least not at its deepest level. True the company of living saints and sinners - and we are made up of both those qualities - sitting in a congregation can be the crossroads at which we see the signs pointing to God. Yet at its truest level it is really "How do I find my rest in thee".

As the worshipping people we are those who recognise where our true home lies, even if we are, for the most part, still on our pilgrimage towards that home. Our task is to be wayfarers together, joyous together when our hearts are raised, bearing burdens when one stumbles and falls, reaching out a hand when another has lost their way. In doing so we may find that the road to home is actually the road to Emmaus and it is Christ himself who joins us. We may do that as a worshipping community in Thurso or Wick but we can also do it for those at the beginnings of finding their way. Can you reach out a hand to someone seeking that rest in God, simply by sharing something or why you sense you will, in turn find your rest in God also? Can you, as Simon of Cyrene, help bear the burden of someone carrying the weight of their own cross - and can you, like Christ himself, allow someone to help bear yours, knowing you cannot do it alone? Can you, forgiven, loved and free, embrace the wounded of soul who feel the weight of their mistakes, without judgement and without recrimination?

In short, can you be the hands of Christ? Can you be his feet? That is true mission because that is God calling both you and all the other pilgrims home to find your rest.

Blessings, Chris





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