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Daily Prayer


Regular Services: (but see also below)
11.30 am
Sung Eucharist,
Communion from Reserved Sacrament or Service of the Word
Wednesdays (see Services)
10.30 am
Communion from Reserved Sacrament or Service of the Word

Additional services where possible on Holy Days, Church Feasts etc.


April Services:
Church still closed during Holy Week
6:30 pm
Maundy Thursday
12 noon
Good Friday
Stations of the Cross
Easter Eve
Church open from Easter Day - Service of the Word during April
11:30 am
Easter Day
10:30 am
Dietrich Bonhoeffer,
Theologian and Martyr, 1945
11:30 am
Easter 2
11:30 am
Easter 3
11:30 am
Easter 4















See also 4:00 pm on Easter Day
Gospel according to St. John read by Sir David Suchet from Westminster Abbey



April Collects, Intercessions and Readings

SEC Daily Prayer - Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer and Night Prayer (Compline)

Online worship from the SEC

See also complete Morning Eucharist list and recent Children's Chapel list.
All Youtube services are available for viewing later.

Dates for your Diary:

All events discontinued until further notice.

Other events for 2021

Book Sales:
None planned

Coffee Mornings:
None planned

For sale in aid of church funds

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Lyn Ball

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Church News:

Vestry Secretary's Report

Annual General Meeting

The AGM has been set for Sunday 18th April 2021. At the time of going to press, it is still the plan for this to go ahead. The Vestry are considering whether this will be held over zoom or in the church building. Once a decision has been made we will communicate this on this website, through email and by telephone. If it is necessary to postpone the AGM, we will give you as much notice as possible.

Due to the Bishop being on retreat until 19th April the AGM has been postponed.
An alternative date will be confirmed by the end of April.

Church Re-opening

I contacted the Bishop to seek his permission to re-open St John's for communal worship from Easter Sunday. He has replied that he is happy for this to happen.

Rev Ellie is on compassionate leave until after Easter at the earliest. We will re-open with a Service of the Word led by Barrie Cran at 11.30 on Sunday 4th April. It will be necessary to keep going with the same arrangements as before, with places booked on a first come, first served basis, with a maximum of 17. Please remember to book your place each week (contact Jeanette via this website ), so we can ensure there are enough seats.

On arrival at church please:
Wear a mask, which must remain on for the duration of the service, unless you are reading or intercessing.
Sanitise your hands in the porch.
Keep a two metre distance from anyone else not in your household.
Provide your name and telephone number for track and trace purposes.
Sit where instructed.

Jeanette Harper
Vestry Secretary




This year's Easter brings drama to St. John's railings. The focus is on the extraordinary events in the last days for that remarkable man, Christ Jesus. We are familiar with the rapturous welcome Jesus received when he arrived in Jerusalem - on a small donkey, the people laying palm fronds and even their coats down in the road to reduce the dust created by the traffic. We see a Wick version where Jesus is represented by a golden circle thrice sliced above an ass with a background of Noble Fir.

Maundy Thursday brings an inclusive interpretation of the Last Supper where we see the golden symbol representing Jesus surrounded by 11 LGBTQ symbols in the colours of the rainbow which represents our forgiving God. Good Friday has three bleakly empty crosses on the corner of the street, the central one of which miraculously flowers on Easter Day. The flowers will come from the congregation who will place their blooms into the fishing net which represents the mission of Jesus.

Peter Darmady



Lay Reader's Letter

Easter - A new beginning

I suppose it's a bit of a cliché to think of Easter as a new beginning. So much of the symbology from eggs to lambs is about spring bringing with it new life. This happens every year at about this time, just ask any farmer or gardener. But of course, for Christians new life is not just a physical thing but a spiritual thing, new life in the risen Christ that is a gift of God through the crucifixion and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ.

Those are easy words to write but sometimes harder to really take to heart, especially when things are not easy, when we are all aware of people's loss, when we have just marked a year of varying degrees of lockdown and constraint. There have been many losses since this time last year for the country, Caithness and our families and community. There are friends and family members that we will see no more. There are well loved members of our congregations who won't be gracing our pews when we can return to church. We will, and must treasure their memories, and the grieving has been worse because of not being able say farewell in the normal way.

But we do have a new beginning. We may have a route into a new normal as vaccines get rolled out and infections and deaths come under control. Life will go on. Things will restart, shops will open, we may be able to meet up with friends and family. Life will never be the same again but it will restart.

And so it was for the followers of Jesus that first Easter morning. Life would never be the same. They couldn't predict the future and many would suffer for it. But life wasn't the same, there was a truly new beginning, one that we can share in just as much as they could. So let us all reach out and grab that new beginning offered to us through the passion, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. It won't be easy but new life is there for the taking.

One, much more trivial point is that my Secondment to Dounreay finishes exactly two years after it started. But there is also life after secondment, and I am staying on in the same role as an employee. I look forward to serving you all in this 'new beginning'.

May I wish you all a very Happy Easter

Christ is Risen - He is risen indeed Alleluia!

Barrie Cran





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