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Daily Prayer


Regular Services: (but see also below)
11.30 am
Sung Eucharist,
Communion from Reserved Sacrament or Morning Prayer
Wednesdays (see Services)
10.30 am
Said Eucharist or
Communion from Reserved Sacrament

Additional services where possible on Holy Days, Church Feasts etc.


November Services:
6:30 pm

All Saints/All Souls

11:30 am

4th Sunday before Advent

10:30 am
Willibrord, Bishop and Missionary
11:30 am


11:30 am

Margaret of Scotland

10:30 am

Colomban, Bishop

11:30 am

Christ the King



Armistice Day: Service of Worship

The Poltney Bell Ringers will join the congregation on Sunday the 11th of November at our morning service of worship.
At 12:30pm there will be a dedicated ringing of Handbells for two minutes to commemorate the end of the First World War.

Nation's bells to ring out together to mark Armistice Centenary

The service is open to all.



Dates for your Diary:

See also church hall calendar for the year


Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd 10:0 am to 2:0 pm in the Church Hall

Book Sale

Our books are all donated by local residents. We will have our regular vast selection of great books: novels, factual works, and children's books, all in good condition; plus CDs and gramophone records, and a larger than usual collection of DVDs at our normal cheap prices.

Gordon Johnson


Friday 9th 10:0 am - 4:0 pm
Sit & Stitch Day in the Church Hall
All aspects of stitching welcome. Be inspired and encouraged by the company and friendly chat. An opportunity to finish cross stitch kits or learn a new skill like patchwork or even take up a hem or two. Tea and coffee on tap. Bring your own packed lunch. Please phone Lyn to book a table - 07890 902816. 5 a day.

Sunday 11th at 12:45 pm in the Church Hall
This stall sells Fairtrade tea, coffee, sweets, biscuits, sugar, pasta, cocoa and dates. All top quality items.

Sunday 11th November 2 - 4.30pm Old Boy's School Inverness Cathedral
An Afternoon of World War 1 Music and Poetry

Sunday 11th at 8 pm in Castletown Free Church
Alcohol Concern prayer meeting

Tuesday 13th 2:0 - 4:0 pm in the Church Hall
Our Befriending tea room will be open again. The usual team will be on hand to meet and greet. There is always an open invitation to any member of St John's congregation to come along for the afternoon.

Wednesday 14th Meeting of the Vestry

Saturday 24th from 10:30am to 12 noon in the Church Hall

Advent Coffee Morning

Delicious home baking table and the raffle with its amazing number of prizes. Please join us for festive warm mince pies, our special milky coffee and gorgeous homemade pancakes. Come celebrate the season.

Victoia Denley-Spencer

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Future events for 2018

Saturday 1st December in St John's Episcopal Church, Princes Street, Perth
Seeing Injustice, Imagining Change

Sunday 9th December after morning service
Annual General Meeting following morning service which will start at 11:00am

See also Love North



Curate's Letter

October 16th was World Food Day. A day where the World Food Programme invited people to both acknowledge the extent of the problem of hunger and to join them in calling for a better world. One in which individuals and their communities are empowered to fight poverty, to be educated that they may help themselves and create better resilience to food poverty.

Food poverty is an issue that does not just extend across war torn zones or in regions adversely affected by natural disasters but can also be found much nearer home. A crisis where food, for whatever reason, is now in very short supply in the homes of those around us. But I have been learning that it's not just food that is in short supply. Over the past few months, more of us have been made aware of period poverty, and I do not think that the young women of Caithness will be exempt from the effects of this in their lives.

Thankfully, we have in Caithness a food bank which serves all of the region, with a centre in Wick and one in Thurso. Having a team of dedicated volunteers willing to spend time with the Caithness Food Bank (CFB), and keep their profile on social media active helps to promote the food bank not only across different generations within Thurso and Wick but also extends their geographic involvement.

When I began my curacy here in Caithness, a little over a month ago, I wished to find out more about the community involvement of the people of both St. John's and St. Peter's. This is a task that will be ongoing as I get to know all of the people who come to both churches, and also those who cannot. I was glad to learn about our involvement with the CFB and wondered how we could help in the lead up to Christmas.

The CFB will be running a reverse Advent Calendar throughout December to ensure that they have enough supplies to give out over the Christmas period. How does it work? For each day in the lead up to Christmas, put aside one item of food into a box. Around Christmas-time bring those boxes to church. I will then liaise with the CFB in both Thurso and Wick.

This is one way of helping to make a difference in our communities but as I have been discovering, supplying different foods does not always help those in food poverty as much as we think it would. One of the many issues surrounding food banks is that people do not always know how to use the foods they are given, and unless someone is prepared to help them prepare and cook with them, then there is an apparent mystery over some of the foods given to them.

This is where people like the Bootstrap Cook (Jack Monroe) come in. Jack regularly campaigns on poverty issues alongside various charity organisations. She has created numerous 'austerity recipes', and several cookbooks, including Cooking on a Bootstrap. This cook book can be ordered and sent to a food bank, and then photocopied (with her permission) and given out to those who need both food from a food bank and help in preparing the food. The book explains how to cook using tinned supplies, and a few other ingredients. Alternatively, the book could be one of the items in the food box.

If, like me, you're inspired to create a reverse Advent food bank calendar, the following items are an example of what you could put into your box:

Biscuits Shower gel Tinned Chickpeas / kidney beans
Breakfast cereals Squash Tinned vegetables
Custard Soap Tinned fish
Coffee / tea / hot chocolate Shampoo Tinned potatoes / dried mash
Jam / Honey / Peanut butter Sugar Tinned spaghetti
Ham / Corned beef Soup Tinned hot meals (curries, stews, mince, hot dogs)
Long-life milk Spices / salt / pepper Tinned fruit
Pasta sauce Toothpaste Toilet rolls
Rice pudding Toothbrushes Washing up liquid
Sanitary products Tinned tomatoes  

Unless it's stated otherwise, I'm going to hazard a guess that the CFB will have enough stocks of pasta to give out, so it's all the foods that might go with pasta or rice that will be required.

I'm very grateful for the work that the CFB is doing here in Caithness and I'm grateful too for the many volunteers who help the CFB to function, thereby allowing those who are less able to provide meals for their families. I've highlighted the work of the Caithness Food Bank this month because I was alerted to the reverse advent calendar that will run through December, but I am equally keen to find out what else the congregations of St. John's and St. Peter's are involved in and how we can be more effective in our wider communities. I can only do this with your help. If you have an idea or knowledge of a venture that is happening and you would like to discuss it further, email me at revelliecharman@gmail.com .

With grateful thanks,
Ellie Charman


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